August 16, 2013

Help us celebrate with and honor our BWTF volunteers

Join us on Tuesday August 20th at 7pm at Woodstock’s pizza in downtown Santa Cruz to give a big  woohoo!!! to our Blue Water Task Force team of volunteers who are out every week collecting and analyzing water samples so they can bring you water quality updates on your favorite surf and beach spots.  We now have the largest BWTF sampling effort internationally!  
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Desal Plant
August 12, 2013

Desal EIR Comments submitted on August 12th


We submitted our comments on the desal plant draft EIR on Monday August 12th and will post them on our website shortly.  The review process will take some time due to the large volume of responses so in the mean time learn some more about this at and  Get informed, stay involved and have a say in your water future!!!!
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August 3, 2013

Vintage VW tour heads through Santa Cruz


Join us as we welcome the Airhead Parts Border to Border VW Cruise.  Check out some vintage VWs along their West Coast tour from Blaine, Washington to the Airhead Parts headquarters in Oxnard, CA. Spreading good vibes and supporting Surfrider’s mission the tour will be stopping in Santa Cruz for dinner on August 7th and staying over at New Brighton State Park that night.  Catch the cars on the wharf  with dinner at Olitas starting around 5:30pm.
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