March 31, 2014

Washout: Reclaiming a World Surfing Reserve (video)

Surfrider Foundation was super stoked to work with Save the Waves and Sea Slugs to kickoff our campaign “Clean Up Cowell’s”. With Cowell’s being one of the top 5 dirtiest beaches for 4 years running, it is up to us to help get Cowell’s off the dirtiest beach list.
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October 2, 2013

Rise Above Plastics Month and Beach Cleanup

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Saturday, October 5th – 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at Manresa Beach

“Rise Above Plastics Month” is a month-long challenge to the public calling on them to reduce their plastic footprint. Our goal is to raise awareness about the harms that single-use plastics cause in our marine and coastal environments.
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July 11, 2012

Santa Cruz passes plastic bag, foam ban, OK’s 10-cent fee to use paper bags

SANTA CRUZ — The City Council approved sweeping new environmental regulations Tuesday, unanimously passing bans on single-use plastic bags and strengthening the PS foam products ban.  Read more >>

Desal Plant
May 5, 2012

Right to Vote on Desal Campaign

Want to get involved in the campagin to gain the right to vote on the desalination plant proposed for construction on the Westiside of Santa Cruz?

On both May 5th and May 12th volunteers will be at India Joze restaurant (418 Front St.) in downtown Santa Cruz from 5:30-6:30pm to hand out new petitions and gather signed petitions.
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June 5, 2011

June 2, 2011: Save Our Surf Launches 16th Year

Photo Mike WallaceFor the 16th consecutive summer, Couch Distributing has committed to help raise $10,000 in support of Surfrider Santa Cruz’s projects and campaigns through the annual Save Our Surf Program.

Started in 1996 by the local distributor of Anheuser-Busch beers and other beverages, the Save Our Surf program has raised more than $150,000 for Surfrider Santa Cruz (Couch pledges a nickel to the Santa Cruz Chapter of Surfrider Foundation for every case of Budweiser and Bud Light sold in Santa Cruz County between Memorial Day and Labor Day).

The money has been used to rent office space, improve the lab where Surfrider conducts its weekly water quality tests, support outreach to local schools, purchase storm-drain stencils and conduct monthly beach cleanups. Couch Distributing’s support has also sponsored print advertising to inform the public of Surfrider’s activities, including:

Monthly Beach Clean-Ups

The first Saturday of the month (11 am to 1 pm), we walk a local beach and clean-up trash.


SHOW OF SUPPORT: In a sunset ceremony at the Walton Lighthouse at the mouth of the harbor, a check for $10,000 was presented to Surfrider. Participating were, from left, Kelly Vander Kaay and Dustin Macdonald of the Santa Cruz Chapter and Dave Chapatte and Louie Pieracci of Couch Distributing (photo Mike Wallace).

Ocean Friendly Gardens Program

We educate and assist people in creating landscapes that utilize native plants, permeable groundcovers and water retention features to prevent urban runoff, create wildlife habitat and design beautiful spaces.

Education Program

With visits to local schools, universities, and businesses, lesson plans for teachers — and through events like beach clean ups — we hope to inspire the next generation to get stoked about conserving our oceans.

Storm Drain Stenciling

To help prevent ocean pollution, we stencil local storm drains with the words “No Dumping Drains to Ocean”.

Weekly Water Quality Testing

Through our Blue Water Task Force Program, we identify problems with beach and coastal water pollution, raise public awareness and work to find and implement pollution solutions.


Rise Above Plastics works to eliminate the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics.

For more information, see:

Couch Distributing’s Save Our Surf Page
Ads in this week’s Good Times (p. 13) and Metro Santa Cruz (p.8) – June 2, 2011

To volunteer with our chapter, contact us at:

phone: 831-476-7667
e-mail: activist@surfridersantacruz.org

June 5, 2011

World Oceans Day 2011

June 8th is World Oceans Day. On World Oceans Day people around the planet celebrate and honor the body of water which links us all, for what it provides humans and what it represents. Be a part of this growing global celebration!

Why Should I Celebrate World Oceans Day?

The world’s ocean:

  • Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
  • Helps feed us
  • Regulates our climate
  • Cleans the water we drink
  • Offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines
  • Provides limitless inspiration!


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