Beach Clean-Ups

Every first Saturday of the month, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (unless otherwise noted),we walk a different local beach and clean-up trash. Anyone of any age is welcome and invited to help. These clean-ups also provide a source of community volunteer work as required of students in many local schools, clubs and colleges.

So bring your sturdy shoes, water, sunblock. Please bring, if possible, your own reusable cleanup items to cut down on waste we produce in cleaning up as well, such as buckets/reusable bags, work or garden gloves.

Drop-in and groups are welcome! We also encourage participants to bring their own gloves, grabbers, or buckets. Come on down and help save the beach! Please email us if you have any questions otherwise we will see you at the beach! NOTE: In the event of rain we will re-schedule the beach clean up.

Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook and share with your friends!

2014 Beach Cleanup Schedule

Month Location
January Twin Lakes Directions
February Cowell’s-February 22nd RSVP
March Twin Lakes CANCELLED
April Seabright
May KSCO parking lot- 9am-1pm Moran Lake, Corcoran Lagoon
June Capitola June 14th due to car show.
July July 5th Cleanup-Moran Lake 8am-10am
August Rio Del Mar
September Coastal Cleanup Day Sept. 20th Moran Lake 9am -1 pm
October Manresa State Beach  MOVED TO COWELLS
November Moran Lake Beach
December Mitchell’s Cove

2014 Beach Cleanup Results

Month Location  Volunteers Trash / Cigarette Butts Recycling / Needles
January Twin Lakes-cancelled
February Cowell’s-with Save the Waves Feb 22nd  30 41 lbs/ 500 1 lb/ 10 needles
March Twin Lakes-beach disappeared due to storm
April Seabright  35  40 lbs/450 10 lbs/0 needles
May KSCO-Moran Lake, Corcoran Lagoon 155 999lbs 26.5lbs
June Capitola  40  20 lbs/ 150  8 lbs
July MORAN LAKE JULY 5TH CLEANUP/WSR Seabright Beach 70 103 lbs/1347  37 lbs
August Rio Del Mar  15  100 lbs/ 75  8 lbs
September COASTAL CLEANUP DAY SEPT 20th-Moran Lake 9am -1 pm
October Manresa State Beach
November Moran Lake Beach
December Mitchell’s Cove

Past Results

Volunteers Trash Recycling
261 647 lbs. 216 lbs.
Volunteers Trash Recycling
135 224 lbs 67 lbs
Volunteers Trash Recycling
739+ 1917+ lbs 625+ lbs