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Investigate the gate on Geoffroy Drive - Allow access to Twin Lakes State Beach

Investigate the gate on Geoffroy Drive - Allow access to Twin Lakes State Beach

Join the Surfrider Santa Cruz Chapter in helping the California Coastal Commission investigate historical public access to Twin Lakes State Beach from Geoffroy Drive. 

Historically, Geoffroy Drive has connected Sunny Cove Beach to Twin Lakes State Beach; by various trails going down the bluff to the sand. At some point in 2015, however, a property owner installed a gate blocking the road to Twin Lakes with an OK from the County but without acquiring a Coastal Development Permit from the Coastal Commission. 

The Commission is now in litigation with the property owner as a result. In the meantime, Commission staff has put out a prescriptive rights survey and has been hearing a lot of complaints from the community about access being blocked.  People now have to walk 5-6 blocks around to get from one beach to the other – this also breaks up the California Coastal Trail.

The heart of California’s Coastal Act is its requirement that development not interfere with the public’s right to access the beach.  Yet, this right is increasingly at risk as private landowners seek to shore up their own properties.  If you feel strongly about this issue, please fill out the prescriptive rights survey HERE. The results of this investigation could be used to determine whether any public rights of access exist by reason of past public use.  

If you are interested in getting involved with the local chapter on this issue, please contact