Santa Cruz Chapter


CHAPTER SUPPORT or “How We Survive”

Our chapter owes its very existence to our supporters and contributing members. YOU ARE SURFRIDER, and when we say, OUR WAVE IS YOUR WAVE! we literally mean it!

We want to say a heartfelt “Thanks” to all of you who have contributed to our environmental work throughout the years of our existence. As a grass-roots, non-profit organization, we believe that strong ties to the community and the financial contributions of our members and supporters gives us added credibility and visibility in our ongoing work.



You, our members and supporters, should know that, although we are a chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, our National Office does not financially support any of its chapters. Consequently, we are obligated to raise the funds to keep all our environmental programs running. Therefore, the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will gratefully accept any financial contribution or donation that doesn’t compromise our dedication to our mission. Such contributions are fully tax-deducible.

Should you wish to help us through paycheck donations at your workplace, you may choose to allocate a small portion of your paycheck through: EARTHSHARE, UNITED WAY, or the MICROSOFT

The Santa Cruz Chapter also has additional projects for which we seek financial support.  Please select a link for more information.

Memorial Donations: To donate on-line go to” and specify the memorial fund in the second box.  The family will be updated routinely of donations and you will receive a Thank You note.  You can also send along a check to the Chapter directly, specifying the fund, and we’ll pass along the information for you.

*Donation list is updated periodically and may not yet reflect donations recently mailed to the Santa Cruz Chapter or SR Headquarters

Surfrider Foundation/Skye Ksander Memorial Scholarship
• The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF)

2015 Donations


Couch Distributing Co., Inc



$500 – $1000

Ventana Surfboards

Big Stick Surfing Association

Moe’s Alley

2012 Donations


Couch Distributing Co., Inc




Tim Ward Art Studios

Paul Locatelli Real Estate

$500 – $1000

Moe’s Alley

Emily and David Pottruck (in honor of Peter Alduino)


$1 – $500


Aloha Grill

United Way Silicon Valley

The Joseph Stapp Memorial Fund

David & Leslie Farrington

Daniel and Claudia Rico

Rafael and Luis Ortiz

Paul Mariottini

David and Hilary Shuman

Lynn Sullivan

Past Donations


Couch Distributing Co., Inc


$1001 – $2500

Big Stick Surfing Association

Zack Booth/Granite Rock Company
(United Way SC County)

Hula’s Bar and Grill

New Leaf Community Markets
(Token Program)

Tim Ward Art Studio

$501 – $1000

David & Leslie Farrington

James Gloeckler
(Costco Gift Matching Program)

Bridget Gottlieb

Ian Snow
(Microsoft Giving Campaign)

Cava Wine Bar
(Zach Worthington’s B-day Benefit)

ISEC Foundation

Moe’s Alley Inc.

$101 – $500

Lillian Bragg
(Microsoft Giving Campaign)

Alexa Bruce

Carl Christ/Medflys

Pamela Davis
(In Honor of Melissa Yarnell/Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California)

Susan Minihane
(Google Gift Matching Program)

Scott and Leslie Ruble/Covewater Paddle Surf LLC

Robert Schuppenies
(Google Gift Matching Program)

the Seely Family
(Gap Inc. Giving Campaign – In Honor of Christine & Fred Seely)

Advanced Chiropractic

Austin Financial Group
(In Memory of John Gale)

Barefoot Wine

Capitola Jr. Life Guard Parents Club
(In Memory of Jane Edde Hanna)

$1 – $100

Faith Aguilar
(In Memory of Earl Crockett)

Jane and Phil Baker
(In Memory of Alan Turkanis)

Peter Bartlett

Jane Beatty

Jim Beauregard/Shopper’s Corner
(In Memory of Earl Crockett)

Erica Bending
(Google Gift Matching Program)

Brady Deal
(Microsoft Giving Campaign)

Miyoko Enokida
(In Memory of Earl Crockett)

Svein H. Fauske

Frank D. & Alyceann Ginelli
(In Memory of T. Scott Laird, MD)

Patricia Gregory
(Honoring Roger and Barbara Holman)

Stephanie Grimes

Johannes Henkel
(Google Gift Matching Program)

Patricia Holmes
(In Memory of Jordan Zapper)

Max Kagan

James W. & Lori Kearney
(Zach Worthington’s B-day Benefit)

James & Paula Lindsey
(In Memory of John Brunk)

Sarah Mansergh

Amanda McClellan
(Microsoft Giving Campaign)

Richard & Linda Miller
(In Honor of Robert Jarvis)

Kelly A. Newman

Mary O’Keefe
(Microsoft Giving Campaign)

Tim Park
(Microsoft Giving Campaign)

Annabelle Pereira
(In Memory of Chris)

Carol A. Romo

Kara Snider

Melissa Thuringer

Neno V. Villamor

Lorna E. Way

Miriam Weiss
(In Memory of Earl Crockett)

Christopher M. Wolfe

Surf City Painting

We may be reached directly for donations at our Santa Cruz mailing address. Thank You!

2222 East Cliff Drive #234
Santa Cruz, California 95062
phone: 831-476-7667