Santa Cruz Chapter



Former Volunteer Coordinator Phil Chowaniac

The Surfrider Foundation Santa Cruz Chapter is a grassroots volunteer organization. There are many different ways to get involved and a variety of roles to suit your interests and skills. If you have any special interests or skills let us know!


  • want safe and healthy beaches?
  • want to surf, swim, dive, fish and play in clean ocean water?
  • care about public beach access?
  • care about rampant coastal armoring?
  • worry about coastal overdevelopment?

E-mail us for more details:

As we always say: You Are Surfrider!!!

You, our volunteers and chapter members, power everything Surfrider does. We are truly a grass-roots organization, and none of us at the local level are paid a cent for our efforts. We are motivated by our love of the ocean, waves, and beaches and by our strong desire for a healthy marine environment for ourselves and future generations.

So, don’t be timid about volunteering, because we will always welcome help. No matter what your age, education, sex, race, or religion, we will make a strong attempt to find a way to work you into our activities. And be assured, we try to work with sense of humor and look for opportunities to have fun. After all, FUN is the reason we surf and love ocean recreational activities! You can also sign up for our newsletter for more updates!

Daniel Wright – Former Blue Water Task Force Coordinator

  1. Core Volunteers: We are looking for Core Volunteers who have been wanting to get more involved but are not sure where to start. Core Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization.  They often go on to leadership positions within our chapter and help set our chapter’s strategy. Please contact us if you are interested and we will provide you with the knowledge and tools you will need to be a Surfrider Foundation ambassador.
  2. Newsletter writers: Assist in writing, editing, and distributing the Chapter newsletter.

3.  Water Sample Collectors: Collect water samples weekly from local beaches and deliver to lab for processing

4.  Water Quality Lab: Looking for a person to help in the water quality lab processing water samples for bacteria levels

Core Volunteers Positions

  1. Former Vice Chair Jim Littlefield and Co-Chair Matt Kuhn tabling at the SCLU Contest

    Beach Clean up Assistant: Assist our beach clean up coordinator in organizing clean ups and volunteers. Help lead beach clean up campaigns.

  2. Environmental Educators:Make environmental education presentations to local schools and businesses about Surfrider and clean beaches and water.
  3. Public Relations Program Leader: Coordinate publicity for the chapter’s campaigns and programs. Maintain relationships with local press, sponsors, and the surf community, help with the planning of several events per year, and create promotional materials for web and print.

Entry Level Volunteers

  1. Hands Across the Sand 13′

    Water Sample Collectors: Collect water samples weekly from local beaches and deliver to lab for processing

  2. Beach Clean Up Helpers: Assist with beach clean ups on the first Saturday of every month from 11am-1pm. Help arrange school and other community groups to participate.
  3. Tabling Helpers: Assist at the Surfrider information table at various events such as surf competitions and clean water festivals. Talk to people about Surfrider, recruit volunteers, and sell merchandise.
  4. Newsletter writers/photographers/editors: Assist in writing, photography, editing, or distributing quarterly newsletter.

Let us know what areas you are interested in getting involved with, and we can put you in touch with the correct program leaders. If you want to be informed about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities you can Subscribe to our newsletter or e-mail us at:


Co-Chair Sarah Mansergh and Secretary Jenny Campbell at the Save the Waves Film Festival