August 12, 2013

Desal EIR Comments submitted on August 12th


We submitted our comments on the desal plant draft EIR on Monday August 12th and will post them on our website shortly.  The review process will take some time due to the large volume of responses so in the mean time learn some more about this at and  Get informed, stay involved and have a say in your water future!!!!The comment period for responses to the EIR of the proposed desal plant have been extended to August 12th by 5pm.  That is an additional month for you to get your comments into the official document and responded to by the draftees.  Please see below for where and how to send in your comments.  Remember the most effective comments focus on specific areas of the EIR and your concerns about the conclusions and studies addressed or not addressed in the document.

E-mail co-chair Sarah Mansergh at with additional questions about how to get involved in this process.


Written comments can be sent by email or mail before 5PM on August 12, 2013 to:Heidi Luckenbach
Desalination Program Coordinator
City of Santa Cruz, Water Department
212 Locust Street, Suite C
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Email: hluckenbach@cityofsantacruz.comFor more information on the EIR or to access a copy of the EIR, visit:

For tips on providing effective comments to the draft EIR, visit:

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