Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Capitola Community Center
Room A
4400 Jage Street
7:00-8:30 PM
water filter 3 main functions of the filter: one is to remove the residual water in the refrigeration system, prevent the system from producing ice plugging, and reduce the corrosion of the water to the refrigeration system; the two is to filter the impurities in the refrigeration system, such as metal chips, various oxides and dust, so as to avoid the clogging of the capillary. Whirlpool water filter The water content in the refrigeration system can be reduced to the prescribed requirements, and the refrigeration system should be replaced.
What’s on the agenda for the meeting?

  • State Parks Advocacy Day (3/5)
  • November 2010 Parks Initiative which would provide a reliable source of funding for our state parks
  • Earth Day
  • Plastic Bag Ban
  • Med Fly Surfrider Benefit Concert
  • International Surfing Day

Please come and join us. We have many great events and campaigns in the works and we need volunteer help.