February 18, 2014

SFSC chosen to serve on Water Supply Advisory Committee

We’ve been chosen as one of three environmental organizations to serve on the Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Committee.   Our co-chair Sarah Mansergh was nominated and confirmed to the seat last week.  When the discussions on the desal plant were  reset the City Council formed this committee to examine alternatives to desal and create recommendations for water supply goals for the city and strategies to meet those goals.  You can follow the progress of the panel at: http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/index.aspx?page=2018

glas of pouring water with reflection1

The objectives of the panel include:

a) Lead the community engagement process via a methodical review of the major elements of the City water system and regional water supply challenges and participate in creating and reviewing outreach and educational materials.

b) Analyze and provide comments on the Habitat Conservation Plan, Master Conservation Plan, Economic Impact Analysis and Water Transfer Working Group, based upon planning timelines

c) Serve as the clearinghouse for exploration and discovery of viable solutions and recommend specific study of options to theCity Council

d) Develop recommendations on supply goals and for strategies that meet those goals. (Note: reducing overall water use will be considered an avenue to achieving an adequate supply—all approaches are on the table.)


You can contact Sarah at chair@santacruz.surfrider.org with questions and recommendations.

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