It’s amazing how wonderful the outcome is when people passionate about the same thing come together and unite! Celebrating a 20 year partnership with Couch Distributing, Surfrider Santa Cruz and iHeartMedia hosted over 100 volunteers for a beach clean up on Seabright Beach this past Saturday. The collaboration made it possible for us to have free food (provided by Shoppers Corner and Surfrider), drinks (beer provided by Couch), a DJ (Showbiz), and two live bands (with an energetic set from Tingly and Aloha feel from The Wave Tones).

 We had a day filled with good vibes, huge waves, and great people who care about protecting our Santa Cruz Beaches! Participants were also treated to a huge raffle, with over $1,000 in prizes given away. On what felt like a “clean beach”, the volunteers removed 76 lbs of trash, 23 lbs of recycling, and 1,072 cigarette butts. Sandbar Solar came out with their solar powered generator to provide the event with electricity generated by the sun and State Parks gave us their support to host it on one of their beaches. Joining in on the fun, Tacos Don Beto brought their taco bar and the Darling Girls brought their Hawaiian Shaved Ice.
The Santa Cruz Chapter of Surfrider was founded in 1991, and ever since has been an all volunteer-run Chapter, meaning when you donate to the Santa Cruz Chapter, ALL of the money goes towards protecting Santa Cruz Beaches. In 1996, Couch Distributing formed a partnership with Surfrider Santa Cruz through a program called Save Our Surf, which has committed to raising $10,000 every summer since. Without this annual donation our Santa Cruz Chapter wouldn’t be here today and all of our accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible. This upcoming year will mark the 20th year of the partnership making a total of $200,000 donated, so we decided to celebrate!